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Press Release

News Archive - 2008

An Archive of Treoir Publications and submissions which you may find relevant


Social Welfare Fraud


Treoir, the national federation of services for unmarried parents and children, is concerned that the revelation of fraud on the part of some welfare recipients, including lone parents will result in all lone parents being vilified and scapegoated by society, though the vast majority are compliant and do a great job against all the odds.Download Article as PDF


Publication of the third edition of Family Links steps and stages


“I don’t have a daddy” or “I have a new daddy” can be answers that children make in response to questions regarding their family life. Positive pointers on how to help parents explain the family situation to their chidren are contained in Family Links steps and stages..Download this Article


Proposal to engage facilitators for lone parents


Most lone parents want to engage in the workforce but face many obstacles in doing so, not least, lack of skills and confidence, lack of affordable accessible childcare, loss of secondary benefits such as rent allowance, medical card etc. Download this Article


Cardinal Brady’s opposition to proposed Civil Partnership Bill


“The Government’s proposed Civil Partnership Bill would give de facto marriage rights
to cohabiting or same sex couples and should be blocked” says Cardinal Sean Brady.Download this File as a PDF


New Arrival in Rotunda Hospital!

11th March 2008

17 young mothers and their children were on hand to greet the latest new arrival in the Rotunda Hospital today - the first issue of Treoir’s The Young Parent Survival Guide. Download this Article


Closure of Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education (CECDE).

11th October 2008

Treoir calls on the Minister for Education and Science to reverse his decision to withdraw funding from the Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education (CECDE). Download this Article as a PDF

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