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Press Release

News Archive - 2009

An Archive of Treoir Publications and submissions which you may find relevant

Two national support organisations plea for no cutbacks in welfare payments to one-parent familie


Two national lone parent organisations, OPEN and Treoir, make an unprecedented joint appeal to the Minister for Social and Family Affairs, Ms. Mary Hanafin, T.D. at her Department’s annual Pre-Budget Forum in Dublin today (Friday, October 9, 2009) .Download Article as PDF


Lack of proof of guardianship can leave open the possibility of parental child abduction.


Children can be hurt by family conflict. It is much better for children if
parents can resolve their differences by agreement rather than going to court
and this can be particularly challenging for parents who are not married to
each other.Download this Article


Changes proposed by Minister Hanafin to the One Parent Family Payment


Minister Mary Hanafin is correct in saying that the One Family Payment is not achieving its goal and all the evidence is that lone parents are more likely than other families to experience poverty, have no incentive to take up full time employment and indeed to form relationships. Even where good relationships exist penalties are incurred as a result of cohabiting. Download this Article


New-look Information Pack for parents who are not married to each other.


Not only are there many more unmarried parents (3.7% of all births in 1975
compared with 33% inn 2008), but more than half of them are cohabiting.
Significantly, over 44% of first births are to unmarried parents.
Funded by the Crisis Pregnancy Agency the new-look Pack is designed to
engage young unmarried parents, 70% of whom are under 25.Download this File as a

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