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Policy Submissions


Treoir Submissions by year

Treoir makes representation to government departments and other relevant bodies for changes in the Irish Constitution, laws and services in order to promote the rights and welfare of unmarried families in Ireland.



Joint Submission to the Department of Social and Family Affairs - Value for Money Review of Child Income Supports Child Income Supports.pdf


Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social and Family Affairs on financial disincentives to cohabitation and marriage Financial Disincentives.pdf


Response to the Law Reform Commission's Consultation Paper on Legal Aspects of Family Relationships  Family Relationships.pdf



Budget Submission.  BudgSub09.pdf


Submission to the Working Group on Domestic Partnership on the General Scheme of Civil Partnership Bill  



Submission to Technical Review of the Social Welfare Code to Examine its Compatability with the Equal Status Acts 2000-2004


Submission to The Joint Committee on Constitutional Amendment on Children  Constitutional Amendment.pdf

Pre-Budget Submission 2008 PreBudg08.pdf



Pre-Budget Submission 2007 prebudgsub07.pdf



Pre-Budget Submission 2006  prebudg06.pdf


Submission to Joint Committee on Child Protection (Sept. 2006)  ch.protec.pdf


Proposal to the Department of Health and Children on The Initiation of a Register for Joint Guardianship Agreements  Guard.sub.pdf


Response to Government Discussion Paper: Proposals for Supporting Lone Parents  LP_Sub.pdf

Submission to The Minister for Children on The Children First Guidelines (1999)


Restatement of Legislation 

Submission to the All-Party Oireachtas Committee on the Constitution 2005   APOCC.pdf



Pre-Budget Submission to the Department of Social and Family Affairs 2005 bud05.pdf


Submission to the Office for Social Inclusion on The National Action Plan Against Poverty and Social Exclusion 2005 NAPS_SUB.pdf



Submission to the Law Reform Commission in response to the Consultation Paper on the Rights and Duties of Cohabitees cohabsub.pdf


Pre-Budget Submission to the Department of Social and Family Affairs  Pre_Budg.pdf

Submission to the Department of Social and Family Affairs on Strengthening Families familystratsub.pdf

Submission to CSO on the questionnaire content for the 2006  census.pdf


Submission to the Forum on the Workplace of the Future 2004 workplace.pdf

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